What did John F. Kennedy do for the Roman Catholic Church?

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He was not a force in the RC Church. He was a life-long member and had a lot of money so I presume he made substantial financial contributions to his parish .
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Is John F. Kennedy the only Catholic President?

Yes, John F. Kennedy was the only Catholic. At that time, Kennedy was a controversial candidate because he was a Roman Catholic. Religious prejudice, or dislike of a person

What the controversy was with John F. Kennedy being a Catholic?

There was an initial worry by some people that having Kennedy in the White House would give the Pope and the Catholic Church carte blanche in directing Kennedy's decisionmakin

Why is the Roman Catholic Church called the Roman Catholic Church?

You will not find the term Roman Catholic in any Church and or very rarely on any official documents stating " Roman Catholic " in the Church. According to the New Oxford Dict

Did John F. Kennedy go to church?

During his time in office, John Kennedy and his family regularly attended mass at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in Washington, DC.

Are John Dominic Crossan's writings accepted by the Roman Catholic church?

The Catholic Church's articles of dogma and faith, and its Canonlaw on dogmatic approval, say a lot about official heresies aboutChristology and Mariology, they also generally

How did John Locke challenge the authority of the Roman Catholic Church?

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What did John F. Kennedy do as a Catholic?

He was baptized as a Catholic, raised as a Catholic, and lived hisentire life until he died as a Catholic.