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What did Dmitri Mendeleev accomplish in 1869?

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In 1869, he published the greatest of his works, Principles of Chemistry, where he formulated his famous periodic table, translated into many languages ​​and that was a textbook for many years.
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Who is Dmitri Mendeleev?

He proposed one of the early versions of the periodic table. Hearranged the elements in the increasing order of their increasingatomic mass and repeating properties.

Who was Dmitri Mendeleev?

Dmitri Mendeleev proposed one of the early versions of the periodictable. He also arranged the elements in the increasing order oftheir increasing atomic mass and repeating pr

What did dimitri mendeleev recognize in 1869?

On March 6, 1869, Mendeleev made a formal presentation to the Russian Chemical Society, entitled The Dependence between the Properties of the Atomic Weights of the Elements, w

What did Mendeleev discover in 1869?

in 1869, Dmitri Mendeleev discovered a set of patterns that applyed to the elements. in that year, he also published his periodic table.

Who was Dmitri mendeleev and what did he do?

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev was a Russian chemist and inventor. He formulated the PeriodicLaw, created his own version of the periodic table of elements , and used it to c

Where was Dmitri Mendeleev from?

Dmitry Mendeleyev was born in Tobolsk, Siberia (in Russia), which is now Tyumen, Oblast.

Who is Dmitri nikolovic mendeleev?

he was the man behind the discovery of periodic table according tothe atomic numbers

How did Dmitri Mendeleev change the world?

He showed us how we can arrange the elements. This actually helpesus find out if we are missing any elements or if there are unkownelements. Without this guy, it wud be reall

Did Dmitri mendeleev find mendelevium?

Mendeleev came in a much earlier historical period than the discovery of mendelevium, which is named in his honor, because of his enormously important contribution to the scie