What device converts kinetic energy into electrical energy?

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A generator in a power plant converts rotating kinetic energy into electrical energy. So it is a generator
In order for Kinetic energy to be converted into electrical energy, the kinetic energy usually drives the rotation or oscillation of a magnet in close proximity to coiled wire.

A bar magnet can be moved up and down through the centre of a looped coil of wires. As the wire comes into contact with the magnetic field of the magnet, a current is induced in the wire. (see Left hand rule)

Likewise, a collection of magnets attached to a large prop shaft when rotated will induce a current in a large array of coiled wires which surround but do not touch the circled array of magnets.

Kinetic energy is essentially converted into electrical energy in most production of electricity. Oil, Gas, Coal or Nuclear energy are all used to heat water; the steam of which turns turbines and therefore the prop shaft. (Chemical energy-kinetic energy-electrical energy)
Through a generator shaft........ +++ I imagine the questioner knows that, but wants to what is on the shaft! An electrical generator is a set of coils of wire so arranged than when rotated they cut across a strong magnetic field, and it is this that induces the current in the windings, extracted by suitable means for feeding it to the circuit connected to the machine's output.
A generator does this by passing a rotating coil of wire through a magnetic field. Electric current is induced in the coil.
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What is a Device that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy?

A Generator AC and DC generators(also called dynamos). Whenever magnetic flux through a closed wire loop changes current flows in it. We use mechanical energy to produce c

Is turbine a device that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy?

Strictly speaking, a turbine turns a flow or a jet of something into a rotary motion. Can be wind, water or steam. But that rotary motion can then be used to spin a generator/
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How do convert kinetic energy into electrical energy?

This is done with a so-called "generator". It uses the interactions between electricity and magnetism to convert the movement to an electrical current. That is, if a conductor