What country is south of Ukraine?

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South of most of Ukraine is the Black Sea and after the Black Sea there is Turkey. Parts of Romania and Moldova are also south of western Ukraine.
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When did Ukraine become a country?

Ukraine is a very old country, although it's been overtaken by many governments and country in its history. In 882 A.D: Kyivan Rus' is Ukraine, controlling a large portion of

What are the neighboring countries to Ukraine?

Well, you could get a map..... On the North you have Belarus Republic of, on the north-east you have Russia, on the North-West you have Poland, West are The Czech Republic an
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What are the countries that border Ukraine to the west?

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. . Ukraine borders: . the Russian Federation to the east and northeast, . Belarus to the northwest, . Poland, Slovakia and Hun
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Is Ukraine the best country?

The Ukraine is not the best country. The Ukraine does not have a high enough development/standard of living, a large enough economy, good enough foreign relations, enough glob