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What country does beef stroganoff come from?

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Beef Stroganoff is a Russian dish that became well known in the late 1800's.
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How do you make Beef Stroganoff?

Hamburger Helper makes it in a box. You can even get it in a generic brand. 1 lb good quality beef steak, trim off the fat and cut into strips approx 1 inch long and ½ wid

Recipe for beef stroganoff?

Here's a recipe for beef stroganoff. Its called Stroganoff with Mushroom Soup. Here are the steps. Ingredients: 2 lbs of stew beef (cut to 1/2") ½ tsp of salt ½ cup

Can you freeze beef stroganoff?

Yes, you can freeze beef stroganoff depending on what the sauce is made from. If the ingredients use cream, then dont add the cream to the sauce before you freeze it. Add the

Which country does Stroganoff come from?

It is believed that this wildly popular beef dish originates in Russia , named for some member of the powerful Stroganov family. Related Link provided below:

Where did beef stroganoff originate?

Beef Stroganoff is a Russian dish, which in its original form dates from the 19th century (before 1861) as "Beef à la Stroganov."

How many calories in beef stroganoff?

Depends on what you put in it. If you use light sour cream and no mushrooms them it's around 350 calories if not then it's around 420 calories

What ingredients are in beef stroganoff?

I make my Beef Stroganoff with beef steak, onions, green peppers, mushrooms and cream. I serve it with boiled rice sprinkled with parsley.