What countries can green card holder travel without a visa?

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To be honest it depends on where you are from and what country has granted you a green card. US green card holders can visit Mexico and Canada without a visa, but you still need a passport and leaving the Us for over a year can lead to having your green card taken away.
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What countries can green card holder can travel without a visa?

USA, CANADA, MEXICO, some Central American countries, some Caribbean islands, Switzerland . and to those to which nationals of your countries are allowed to travel without a

Can green card holder with travel passport travel to Italy without visa?

Hello there, my husband and I planning to go to Italy in couple of months from now ,there for i had to ask the same question via email to the Itlay consulate and i got this a

Which countries do not need visa for US green card holders?

A green card gets you into the US. It doesn't mean that you can use it to get into any other country! Each country you want to visit has its own visa regulations. Check these

What country can green card holder can trabel without a visa?

If you have Indian citizenship,passport and got US GC then for Bahamas, Canada, Mexico and Switzerland you don't need visitor or tourist visa.You can travel to Costa Rica with

Can a US green card holder travel to Spain without a visa?

The fact that you hold a US "green card" is essentially irrelevant. What matters is the relationship whatever country you are a citizen of has with Spain. US Citizens, with a