What could cause pain in the calf of your leg There is no pain radiating from the hip However the pain does radiate down to the foot?

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Pain in your calf can be as simple as a 'charlie horse' and as bad as a blood clot. If you also have lower back pain too, then you may have sciatic pain which originates in your lower back and can radiate down to your leg and foot.

In any event, since the pain is continuing, you should consult your doctor for the correct diagnosis.
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WOW!!!!!! had the same problem !!!! I'm only 20 years old and had a L5 S1 fusion!!!! your sciatica nerve is pinched which means your disc is bulged/ herniated. go to a pain m
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I have this same exact problem and every test in the book. Mine is from L5 nerve impingement from an injury and this has started to now cause sever buttock pain along with the