What constitutes torture?

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Inflicting pain, injury or psychological injury while the victim is restrained or otherwise unable to move.
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What is torture?

Torture is causing someone or somthing extream pain. like the chinses tickle torture, where someones feet are tickled without stoping breaks or somthing more violent. Torture

What is tubing torture?

Tubing torture is a form of torture used by police in South Africa.They cover the victims head with a plastic bag and then suffocatethem until they lose consciousness or die.

Why are animals tortured?

because its funny Animals are tortured because of several possible reasons. They could be tortured because it is funny to some people and because they may be used for the test

Can wolverine be tortured?

Yes he can, he can get tortured in the red room where he gets tied up to chains and have loads of these little disks on his body (every were) and then electric runs through

Was Hitler tortured?

It depends on what you mean. If you're talking about "what Hitler tortured when he died," then the answer is no. Hitler supposedly killed himself with a tablet and a gun to th

Can you torture by enema?

Yes as far as i know. it would just be you are given a large enema and made to hold it until it is all inside you.

How can you torture Sonic?

If someone were to torture Sonic, they could shave his head, , or make him eat something he hates, or put him out on boat alone in the middle of the ocean or do something to h
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How is promethesus tortured?

Prometheus was chained to a rock. A vulture (I think....or some other bird) would come every day and eat out his liver. It would regrow until to be eaten again the next day.

Do demons torture you?

Not me personally, but yes. We demons love to torture, and I myself just adore tickle-torturing cute young women from head to toe and up again, round 'n' round, tightly bound,
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What tortures were at auschwits?

Although the Nazi's were famous for their use of gas chambers in the concentration camps, this was more of a method of execution rather than torture. In order to torture peopl