What color does Justin Bieber hate?

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He doesn't like yellow.
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Why hate Justin Bieber?

no one should hate Justin Bieber. It is wrong and there is no reason at all to hate him. He is hot, cute and sexy. guys are just jealous because they aren't. It is wrong to bu

Does Justin Bieber hate kids?

yes kk well it depends well like he only hate kids if they make him mad or if they annoy him

What stuff does Justin Bieber hate?

well he hates: . uggs, . girls with too much makeup on, . and BIG sunglasses. girls cause he said he gay and fans who keep callin him gay and fans that throw stuff

Does Justin Bieber hate Koreans?

I don't think he hates them, but I think he did admit to being racist, or not liking them. Maybe his Korean fans will go the same way as the German ones, when they found out t