What color contact lens fit dark complexion people?

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Dark complexion look nice with green/light brown/grey colors lens.
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What hair color best fits dark brown eyes and light tan complexion with natural dark brown hair?

a really dark brown is pretty. or a dark red. you could also add carmel/blond highlights to your hair which would bring out the glow of your skin. that's what i did. if you ar

What hair color best fits dark brown eyes and light skin complexion?

If you have dark brown eyes and light/medium complexion, i think the best colour is medium blonde with some warmth in to bring some colour to the skin, blending in your natura

Piggyback contact lens fitting?

This is essentially fitting the patient in a spherical soft contact lens to make the cornea comfortable then placing a gas permeable contact lens on top of that in order to pr

What color contact lens should you get?

If you want people to notice your new eye color and ask you about it, or if you are those bold, dramatic and confident people who are comfortable being the center of attention

How much are color contact lens?

X Chrome color correction lenses available at Dr Priti Shraman's Clinic email: pritishraman@gmail.com Phone: +91-8756361771, +91-9984420572 Rates. 1100/ ( USD 25) includi