What clothing did the Iroquois people wear?

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The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) mainly wore shirts, pants, leggings, robes and capes. The men wore feathers in their hair and wore jewelry all over their bodies. Most of them wore a ring in their nostrils. The woman wore skirts, and robes mainly made out of deer skin. They wore moccasins as their footwear.
The Iroquois wore clothes provided by buffalo hides and/or deer skin.
The Iroquois also wore cloths for clothes. Answers provided by, Brainboy08
The answer depends on the time period - the Iroquois tribes had early contact with Europeans and were very quick to adopt ready-made garments (such as shirts).

Originally, men of the Iroquois confederacy wore a soft-tanned deerskin breechclout with short flaps front and back, or (for ceremonial occasions) a kind of kilt reaching to the knees and tied with a belt. Leggings were made rather loose and sewn up the front of the leg; an embroidered strip covered the seam. Leggings were gartered below the knee. A simple tunic of two deerskins fastened at the shoulders was added in cold weather.

Women originally wore just a wrap-round skirt reaching to below the knee, with knee-length gartered leggings. Decoration was of moose-hair embroidery or quillwork. In summer no other clothing was worn, but in winter a fringed deerskin cape was added.

Moccasins had a square flap, with moose-hair embroidery; sometimes shoes for summer were of woven basswood fibres or cornhusk.

Warm robes were of bear or elk hides, or the pelts of smaller animals sewn together.

Under white influence, blankets, cloth, shirts and dresses were adopted and many Iroquois became good at working silver - they produced brooches, headbands, armbands gorgets and pendants.

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