What clothes do Indian people wear?

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Any clothes they want, but Indian clothes are saris and salvars.
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What type of clothes do Indian people wear?

There are number of clothes which are wear by Indian. Normally Women wear the Saree and unmarried girls wear the Salwar kameez or Kurti. and Mens wear the Shirt Pants, kurta p

What clothing did the Cheyenne Indians wear?

well the Men and children,boys, wore breechcloths and a pair of moccasins! the women and girls wore long deerskin dresses which were called buckskin dresses which they woul

What did the plain Indians wear for clothes clothes?

Every tribe was different and clothing changed over time, particularly when trade cloth and ready-made clothes became available from traders. In general, men and boys were

What is clothing that Indian women wear?

Wait..... R u talking about men or women? Anyway, Men mostly wear Kurtas or lungis, Dhotis. But now India has become very modern thus leading to men wearing western clothes.

What clothing do the Arikara Indians wear?

I guess you mean "How did the Arikara dress in the 19th century?". The Arikara or Sanish are one of three so-called "village tribes" living along the Upper Missouri river