What classes do you need to take in high school to be a family law lawyer?

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It's not necessary to take any specific classes in highschool, but if you have a mock-jury or youth legislation, or a civic society in your high school, try to get involved in that and get some expirence in the law field... it will give you a huge leg up when you get to college. Make sure that you have a good advisor and set realistic expectations. You also might want to volunteer for CASA or another organization like that to make sure that it is the feild that you wan to go into. Many people change their major 3 or 4 times before they get it right.
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What high school classes do you need to become an lawyer?

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I think that you are asking what classes you can take in high school if you want to be a criminal lawyer, so this is the question that I will answer. Really, in high school, t

What high school classes do you need to take to become a lawyer?

Good clases are:. English . Public Speaking . Civics/Social Studies . Political science . Sociology . Speech (not remedial -- debate/public speaking) . Note that you c

What high school classes do you have to take to become a lawyer?

Law school doesn't require any particular courses in high school--you'll have to earn a bachelor's degree between high school and law school. Even in college, no specific majo

What classes can you take in high school to become a criminal lawyer?

Public Speaking . Civics . Political Science . Sociology . Psychology . Government . Theater . Improvisation . English Composition . Rhetoric . Apologetics . US H

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Only the courses that a college deems necessary for you get accepted. However, then you need to do well enough to get into a law school once you receive you undergraduate degr

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What high school classes do you need for law school?

High School Classes are irrelevant for acceptance into law school; however, you will best serve yourself by planning ahead and taking classes that will assist you in planning