What chemical helps the flavor last longer?

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BHT  Potasium Sorbate, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Calcium Disodium EDTA. Take your pick, all are flavor stabalizers and prolongers. Look at any soda can or bagged or canned food. You are likely to find one of those or an abbreviation for one of them.
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What flavor of gum last longer?

it is juicy fruit it actually is juicy fruit gum because this gum is really good and ive been chewing it for at least 6 hours and it didnt loose its flavor

What Gum Flavor Lasts Longer?

5Gum lasts the longest, of course. Chew Juicy Fruit, wait 'till it runs out, and then chew 5Gum. Just an experiment. I'm pretty sure the 5Gum will last longer though, hon.

Which gum flavor last longer?

Well they have made i new kind of gum called stride it is made to last longer so probaly stride would last the longer hope that helps there is a new gum called 5 gum and that

Why do certain gums last longer in flavor?

Most flavors last longer than others due to their chemical makeup. Flavors that tend to last longer such as, cinnamon, mint and anise (licorice) last longer because they are o

Why some flavors of gum last longer?

It has to do mostly with the ingredients used, and alos "natural" falvors (mint, for example), tend to last longer than "un-natural" (fruity) flavors.

Which gum flavor last longer hubba bubba or bubblicious?

well i certainly guss bubblicious but if you are unsure and someone ask you that then just tell them the only way we know for sure if you just buy the gum have to people and j