What causes white foam on the surface of a swimming pool?

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White Foam Answer I have found that the use of so-called waterproof sunblock lotions cause a white sludgy foamy texture on the surface of my pool. I was using 45 SPF No-Ad WaterProof Lotion and it came right off - even after applying 45 minutes before. I switched to Banana Boat 35 SPF waterproof and sweat-proof and the white stuff disappeared. That could be one solution. Good luck. And possibly overuse of a certain type of algaecide.
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Swimming pool surface is turning orange why?

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Find Swimming pool surface area?

Answer . For rectangular pools, multiply the length times the width. For other regular shapes use formulas for the appropriate geometry. For irregular shapes, the simplest

Can you swim with foam on the top of your pool?

Suppose you could but who would want to. You possibly have added too much algaecide. Have a dirty filter. Have poor chemistry - out of balance chemically. Too many people in p

Why do I have foam in my swimming pool?

It's probably a surfactant, usually from soap. Your chemical balance may be wrong, some soap or other detergent may still be in the water, or you might have a nascent algae pr

What is the surface area of a swimming pool?

To determine your pool's surface area in square feet use the following:. Round pools Area = RXR x 3.14 ex if the pool is 24 round take 12x12x3.14. Rectangle Area = LxW so a

Can you swim in a pool that has foam in it?

Depends on how thick the foam is and how much. Some pool chemicals cause a foam on the surface of the water when added to the pool water, but if you added dish soap to the wat