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What causes pain on the left side of back above waist?

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hip problems maybe or lower back problems go to ur local doctor and ask him or her
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What could cause Pain left side waist level?

  Spasm or strain of the muscles is likely to be the cause. This usually results from wrong or heavy lifting, or following a sudden improper movement or maintained wrong p

What causes pain on left side of abdomen near waist?

If it is new and acute, you need to see a doctor. If you are a female it could be an ectopic pregnancy, which if untreated will cause internal bleeding and you could die. Othe

You have pain on your left side below your ribs but above your waist?

  The position of your pain is the left hand side of the abdomen cavity. The origin of the pain could therefore be the lower portion of the stomach , the liver, the transv

What causes pain on left side of waist?

Depends on where on the waist and a number of other things. For instance, it could be something as simple as gas or indigestion, or something more serious such as Krohn's Dise
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What could cause pain left side waist and hip?

First question-male or female? If female, this may be a reproductive issue. The ovaries are around the waist and hip area. Could be a cyst or, more serious, an ectopic pregnan

What causes pain in the left side of your back?

You get back pain caused by stress. if you are going through tough times in your family , at work or school ,etc..... It is likely being centered there and is putting stress i

What is medicine for the pain on the back right side of the waist above the buttock?

Well it sounds like you may have a cyst, which will require a doctor to look at, lance, drain, stitch up and bandage. If it is painful there maybe an infection. I've had one

What is pain above waist on right side of back?

Pain above the waist on the right side of the back is most probably a kidney stone, although that is not the only possibility. A test of your urine, to check for elevated leve