What causes fuel to burn fast in car?

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With a Hydro Assist Fuel Cell system installed in your car or truck, you'll get at least 50% more mileage while you extend your engine's life and reduce pollution!

Also you'll be among the first to be invited to upgrade to our future Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter, expected to deliver over 100 mpg, even in your SUV! Get on the list to be updated when it's ready by requesting a free PICC quote: here. Get your HAFC installed now in Lakeland Florida for $640. Buy now and get your HAFC for only $1200 making the total cost with installation only $1840 and the results are guaranteed. You'll get 50% or greater highway mileage gain or you'll pay nothing. It's a No Risk program, plus you can even opt to get the kit and installation financed for up to a year. Again - if the HAFC can't be made to produce a 50% or greater mileage gain in your gas powered car or truck, the installation and removal are free! We expect that we'll be successful getting the mileage gain on 95% of the cars we do. If you're getting 20 mpg now, then you'll get 30mpg or more with our HAFC installed. If you're getting 30 mpg now, then you're going to get at least 45 mpg guaranteed. Testimonial
Jon Martin installed a HAFC in his 2001 Ford E250 5.4 Liter Van and his mileage increased from 14 to 24 mpg. He's getting a 71% increase in fuel economy. To talk to Jon about this his number is (267) 374-0420 Get this money saving solution now!

Return on Investment:

The more you drive the faster your HAFC pays for itself. You'll be converting more of your fuel to power at your wheels, while you benefit from the reduced pollution and a cleaner engine for longer engine life. To find out how much you'll save every year with a HAFC installed, divide your present yearly gas cost by three. With a Hydro Assist Fuel Cell System you'll get

Significantly Increased Gas Mileage
The burnable hydrogen gives you higher octane fuel.

A Cleaner Engine
Hydrogen causes your fuel to burn more completely thus reducing waste and and cleaning up existing carbon deposits.

More Horsepower and Better Performance
A cleaner engine runs smoother and more efficiently. You'll enjoy more horsepower and torque as the system cleans accumulated carbon deposits from your engine.

A Cleaner Environment
Using less gasoline per mile, means not only less waste, it means less pollution. Will it affect my car's warranty?
The Magnuson-Moss warranty act, says that an after market product does not void a manufacturer's warranty unless the manufacturer can prove that the product did the damage to the part in question. Since the HAFC system only causes fuel to be burned with better efficiency, you'll have a cleaner engine so components should last longer.
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Can a fuel mixture problem cause a car to smoke The car has good compression new plugs and wires. The smoke is not steam or burning oil.?

Answer . What color is the smoke? If it's black, it's probably receiving too much fuel. If it's grey or blue, it's probably oil related. If the engine isn't using oil, ch

What cause tires to burn up to fast?

A wheel alinement might be in order. You might have a worn bushing(s).I would take your vehicel into a place for a free inspection(sears does real good). I have not been rippe

What burns the fuel in cars?

The sparks plugs fire and ignite the fuel in a Gasoline engine, and compression compresses the fuel until it ignites in a Diesel engine.

How do cars burn fossil fuels?

Burning fossil fuel takes free oxygen from the air. In a car, air,which includes free oxygen, comes into the engine through an airfilter and the air is then mixed with fuel an
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What are the problems caused by burning fuels?

Burning fuels causes atmospheric pollution and produces very poisonous gases such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide in very large amounts. These gases lead