What causes Severe back pain?

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That is a difficult question to answer as the pain may not even be coming from the back but from the foot or ankle - radiating throughout the body and making the back appear to be sore.

It could be a nerve, a muscle, a disc which could have ruptured, bulged or herniated.

You need to see a specialist if the pain is increasing and have tests done to eliminiate the pain.

A good book to read is Pain Free by Peter Ecogscue - explains the muscoskeletal system and how we can help our bodies perform correctly, eliminating pain.
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Why sever pain cause vomiting?

\nYou can feel dizzy or if you scream louder than you have ever screamed because you are in sever pain it could upset your stomach and make you vomit.

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falling on your back and throwing it out causes severe pain. if your immune system fails then your spinal cord will fail and you wont be able to feel pain at all. if you are

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