What care do you need to give a newborn baby?

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Sing to him the sweetest lullabies you can find. Talc on his little buttocks, feed him with your breast milk, and love, much love.
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What does a newborn baby need?

A newborn needs a lot of things: breast milk or formula, warm clothes and blankets, an infant-safe bed, love from another person, and LOTS of patience. For everything else, as

How do you care for newborn baby rabbits?

The best thing you can do is leave well alone! Rabbits are very good mothers and will care for their kits perfectly by themselves. Just make sure your doe has plenty of good q

What do newborn baby need?

Newborn babies tend to sleep lots in the early days so make sure they have a comfortable and firm mattress and swaddle them to keep them warm.

Do newborn babies need water?

of course new born babies needs water as any other human being does. However babies get the water they need by means of their mother breast feeding.

What do newborn babies need?

Newborn babies need a few things, but not many. They need to be fed, they need to be changed and they need to be loved. Many newborns want to cuddle, since they are in a whole

What is newborn baby care?

For New born baby care you have to choose the best care products tomaintain his skin smooth, supple and nourishing.

How do you take care of a newborn baby possum?

I would not give it or any baby, kitten or puppy, cows milk. In the case of a possum, crush up some high protein cat food, dilute with small amount of water and give it in an

What do you need to care for newborn baby guinea pigs?

you don't have to care for a baby guinea pig if its mother is with it. if the mother is protecting the baby you don't need to do any thing for the baby. but if you notice the

Can you please give me a list of everything you need to know about taking care of newborn puppies?

1: You need a certain type of newborn puppy food which you can buy in Vetenarian clinics or maybe a pet store. 2: Bathing: You bathe new born puppies very Delicately! ; get a

How do you take care a newborn baby?

well to take care of a newborn you need the right equipment, now because babys eat, cry, poo, wee, sleep you need the right equipment to take care of that challenge, hope that