What can you take for toothache when pregnant?

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The best thing when pregnant is always to go natural
  • Home remedy for toothache: Dip a cotton wool or a q-tip with a bit of brandy/ arrack/ cognac, put on the aching tooth.
  • Cook asparagus root in wine, cool put in the mouth for a few minutes and spit out, can also use asparagus juice with no wine.
  • Dip q- tips in baking soda and apply on the tooth and around it.
  • Drink tea or milk with honey.
  • Wrap black pepper seeds in a thin fabric and put on the aching tooth.
  • Natural treatment for toothache: Dip a q-tip in marjoram oil and put on the aching tooth.
  • Melt 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and use as a mouth wash.
  • Freeze marbles in the freezer and apply on the aching tooth.
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Can you take Tylenol 3 for a toothache?

Tylenol 3 is an opiate painkiller containing CODIENE. Yes, it may be taken for a toothache, but its mainly prescribed for its cough supressing properties. you may wanna try so

What is good for toothaches while pregnant?

Good dental care is important to prevent infection that may cross the placenta to the baby. I suggest you see a dentist and get professional treatment and advice. In the me

Can you take carisoprodol for a toothache?

No, carisoprodol has no effect for toothaches. I've have a small ache right now and my sister (an M.A.) told me it probably wouldn't help the pain and she was right!

What type of antibiotic can i take for toothache?

Amoxicillin. (Or any type of 'cillin', I.E. - Penicillin, or even Keflex). Cephalexin is a similar antibiotic, but isn't necessarily for the mouth. Therefore, you could take i

What can one take when they have a toothache?

Ibuprofen (advil) is probably best to reduce swelling; this will relieve pressure on the nerve. Tylenol can also help, but Aspirin should be avoided because it may lead to ble

Can You Take Cefprozil for a toothache?

Yes, but it won't do any good, because it's not a painkiller. It prevents and helps reverse infection. If you have no painkillers handy, swish a shot or two of any whiskey on