What can you make with dill weed?

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Dill is commonly used in soups and pickling.
It can be added to sauces for fish.
It is in several types of bread.
It can be mixed with sour cream or cream cheese for a dip.
The seed heads can be put in the bottom of your kitchen compost bucket to help make it smell a bit better.
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What is a substitute for dill weed?

Dill has a very unique flavor so anything you substitute for it will make the dish taste noticably different. With that in mind, you could use parsley, basil, chervil, taragon

Can dill weed get you high?

Actully no it can not just because it has the word weed in it does not mean it can get you high i have amokedsmoked a whole bottle and the closest hing yo will get to hgh is a

What do you do with dill weed?

Dill weed is good for herbed butters, dips, salads, home madeherbed bread, meats just about anything you want to put it in oron.

Where does dill weed grow?

"Dill weed" is kind of an archaic name for it, it is properly called simply "Dill", and it will grow well anywhere corn or tomatoes will grow well in summer weather.

What can I substitute for dill weed in a recipe?

Dill weed is a very unique ingredient. It has a very pungent aromaand flavor unlike any other. It is sometimes found as fresh pottedplants, in plastic containers, or as a past