What can you do to raise a car up a few inches?

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Get bigger rims and tires. The wheels will look better and you'll gain a few inches. Answer: You can raise the car by adding a taller tire (doesn't have to be a bigger rim) or by putting an air bag suspension on the front, or a taller spring or torsion bar, and for the rear, if it a solid axle (not independent) you can use lift blocks between the axle and the leaf spring.
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Car clicks a few times then starts up?

sounds like the starter solenoid is going bad. had this happen on my car. very common in prizms. get it fixed soon while the car still starts...

How do you raise cars?

to Raise a car you need to modify the suspension by getting larger springs, body mount lift blocks and adjusting the alignment once it is raised
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To raise up?

It is to change the arrangement or position of something.