What brand of sunglasses do secret service agents wear?

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It depends on your personal preference. I myself wear Oakley radar path. but again its personal choice.
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What brand of sunglasses did roy orbison wear?

they are ray-ban wayfarrars.. they embodiment of cool.. the same glasses worn by tom cruise in risky business and jfk.. and me, and anyone else who wants to look cool. *****

What Brand of sunglasses do the Jonas Brothers wear?

The Jonas Brothers wear MANY different types of sunglasses, including . Ray-Bans . Lacoste A whole lot of them ya i guess but i was looking on delias and ther

What brand are the sunglasses Obama wears?

According to the blog site of Framedirect.com, he wears the Ray Ban 3217, color 006/71. http://www.framesdirect.com/eyewear-blog/political-eyewear/ To me, they look more

What do secret service agents wear?

they wear black dress slacks and white button down shirts or at least the ones i met last night after a fundraiser former presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. did here