What are under the table jobs?

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"Under the table" jobs are those that you work for someone (or yourself) and no taxes are reported to the government. Typically they are low income enough to not warrent any investigations by the IRS but there are some which do.Typical jobs may include: babysitting, car-washing, painters, ametuer handy-man, house-sitting, dog-walking, gutter-cleaning, waitress, lawn mowing, driveway sealing, drivers for delivery, limos, customer pick-up, and even taxi. Some people buy things on e-bay and craigslist to resell at a higher cost and that does get reported. The best way I have found is to buy cars on craigslist or at an impound yard (sale is reported ) and fix it up and resell at 5-10x the cost. Yes it is time and effort but there is no real way for DMV to verify your sale profit. Again, you are a small fish to the IRS.The big fish working "Under the table" jobs are illegal. Drug traffickers and pushers, prostitutes, scam artists, bribe-takers, thieves and black-mailers. These people can get thousands of dollars weekly, monthly or yearly and no taxes ever get paid. These are the hot ones the IRS want to get. Alot of the criminals get busted today not on the crime, but for tax evasion.
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Where can you find an under the table job?

Anywhere; usually private business owners. The problem is there is no offical place to search them out since they are techincally illegal and have several ramifications for bo

What is the meaning of under the table?

"Under the table" refers to money made that is not reported to the IRS. No taxes are ever paid on this income. It is as if the money changed hands under a table and was not

What are good jobs that pay well under the table?

Strippers might make up to 500 dollars a night cash or as little as 50 an night if the customers are cheap and bring singles. Best nights for work are bachelor party nights, b

Where can you find jobs that pay under the table in new york?

It's illegal, just get a part-time job. Do you have a hobby you may be able to use to make a little cash? Some of us who HAVE worked many many years, paid into the social se

Are there sites that offer under the table jobs?

As it is illegal to work or employ under the table, any listings you may find are most likely scams. I would like to emphasize that it is ILLEGAL to work under the table, whet
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What kind of phrase is under the table?

"Under the table" is a prepositional phrase. It is also an idiom that means to take money without reporting it to the government.