What are the uses of an electric can opener?

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They are used to open cans.
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What uses more electricity - keeping a fridge door open for a while or constantly opening and closing it during this time?

Every time you open your fridge door - or indeed your freezer's door - it allows cold air to fall out onto the floor of the room. If this is allowed to happen for more than a

How much electricity does a garage door opener use?

http://www.booneelectric.coop/coop/tips2.htm. According to this webpage the average garage door opener is 800 watts and uses 6¢/hr worth of electricity (based on a 8 cents

What electric can openers are made in US?

A number of electric can openers are made in the US including the EZ-DUZ-IT and, for heavier duty work, the Edlund 266 (see Sources and related links section below). ANSWER