What are the top 10 most famous watches in the world?

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I'd Have to say the following:
1.Omega "Speedmaster Professional" - First watch on the moon 2.Omega "Chronograph" - Lawrence of Arabia's watch 3.Omega "Seamaster 300M Professional Chronometer" - Brosnan Bond watch 4.Rolex "Explorer" - Edmund Hillary's watch he was given to climb Mt. Everest with (It is disputed if he wore it) 5. Longines "Hour Angle" - Pioneered by Charles Lindbergh for his flight in the Spirit of St. Louis 6. Breitling "Navitimer" - Worn by Scott Carpenter, Mercury astronaut and John Travolta 7. Rolex Submariner - Original Bond watch 8.Omega - Buddy Holly's Diamond encrusted watch, which he wore until the day he died 9. Omega - JFK's Inaugural watch 10. Hamilton "Ventura" - Worlds first battery powered watch and the 'Men in Black' watch

(Not necessarily in that order) cheers -DMBK
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