What are the three eras of Egyptian history?

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Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, and New Kingdom
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What three major periods is Egyptian history broken down into?

There are actually eight periods in Egyptian history.. Ancient: 3100 BC - 525 BC Achaemenid: 525 BC - 332 BC Ptolemaic: 332 BC - 30 BC Roman: 30 BC - AD 639 Arab: 639

What are the three main divisions of ancient Egyptian history?

The easy answer would be to say the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom. However, these periods were separated by many intermediate periods. . Predynastic Eg

What are Three periods of ancient Egyptian history?

The first is the Old Kingdom the nickname is "Age of Pyramids" and years are 2700 to 2200 B.C.E. The second is the Middle Kingdom nickname is "Age of Reunification" and years

What are the three eras?

the three ears are , ,and , that is what they are.so next time dont forget your book so you dont have to use wiki answers.