What are the symptoms of a wrist hairline fracture?

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I think of a hairline fracture as a non-displaced fracture. In other words, the bones are not moved out of position, but the involved bone is still broken, technically.

Usually, hairline fractures are tender to the touch and cause pain at the extremes of movement.

They may not be painful with gentle motion and there may be just a little swelling in the injured area.

Sometimes plain x-rays will not show a break and advanced imaging procedures like CT scan or MRI scan may be necessary to diagnose the problem.
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Symptoms of hairline fracture?

There are many possible symptoms associated with a hairlinefracture. These fractures should hurt and make you weaker thannormal.

What are the symptoms of a hairline fracture in the patella?

It should show up in xray imagery as a thin white line, especially if the image is taken while the area isn't swollen.. Other symtpoms include a large hematoma on top of the

How to treat a hairline fracture of the wrist?

A hairline fracture of the wrist will not always need to be immobilized. If there is no displacement of the bones, the wrist will heal perfectly without casting. You may find

How do you heal a hairline wrist fracture?

Only a Doctor can determine for sure, but it may be casted or just immobilized. Either way it will need to be prevented from moving or taking any stress for about 6 weeks.

What are the Symptoms of hairline fracture in jaw?

Symptoms of a dislocated jaw include: . Bite that feels "off" or crooked . Difficulty speaking . Drooling because of inability to close the mouth . Inability to close the

What are the symptoms of hairline fracture of the knee?

hair line fracture means fracture dur to hari..like if we insert fracture in hair.then tht fracture is called har line fracture.as on fracture a line will be made with hairs.s

How do you diagnose a hairline wrist fracture?

Hairline fractures in the wrist don't really feel like its broken, more like your wrist is jammed but it hurts more. After about 30 minutes to 2 hours your wrist will be swoll