What are the stinging structures on cnidarians called?

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The structures are called cnidocytes. The stinging cells themselves are called nematocysts.
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Do cnidarians have stinging cells?

Yes, cnidarians are animals that are jelly fish like (including jelly fish). Cnidarians have stinging cells located on there tentacle's, they explode once any thing touches it

What are the stinging cells of cnidarians?

They are called nematocytes. They are one of at least three types of cnidocytes, the very definition of the phylum. Nematocytes sting, the other two types of cnidocytes either

A stinging cell in a cnidarian?

A cnidocyte , cnidoblast , or nematocyte is a type of venomous cell unique to the phylum Cnidaria (corals, sea anemones, hydrae, jellyfish, etc.). The cnidocyte cell provi
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How does the stinging cell of a cnidarian work?

The stinging cell of a cnidarian contains a sac that houses a coiled up tube, immersed in venomous toxins. When triggered to fire by touch, chemical stimuli, and/or nerve exci

What are the kinds of cnidarian body forms and cnidarian stinging cells?

There are two cnidarian body shapes, the bell-shaped Medusa, whose tentacles face downward and the vase-shaped polyp, whose tentacles face upward. Cnidarians have stinging cel