What are the steps to solving a problem with your computer?

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It depends on what the problem is. Please explain what type of problem you are facing if you want more specific and direct information. Below are the steps for resolving PC problems that are only annoying or have workarounds and which still allow some use of the affected computer and allow you to use the Internet:
1. The first step is to find out what the problem is and to figure out how to describe it. It helps to know the correct jargon for the area in which you are having trouble.

2. The next step is to type your problem into a search engine. You might have to keep rewording things until you get relevant results.

3. Scan the results and see what might be relevant.

4. Go to the pages that seem relevant and see what they say to do. If it sounds reasonable, then try doing it.

5. If you have trouble finding a good solution, then fine tune your search based on what you did learn so far from searching and keep trying.
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