What are the similarities and differences between matter and energy?

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Energy is associated with power and motion, and matter is associated with everything physical. Both are types of science vocabulary.
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What is the fundamental difference between matter and energy?

Answer . Matter- anything that takes up space and has mass. Energy- the capacity to do work. Matter Energy. 1) Matter moves in 1) Energy is one way. a cycle and

Difference between matter and energy?

Matter is a form of energy. Energy, in classical physics is defined as either work or heat. Einstein gave us a direct correllation between the two with the equation E=mc 2 . H

What is the difference between energy and matter?

Energy is the capacity for doing work. Energy exists in various forms including kinetic, potential, thermal, chemical, electrical, and nuclear and can be converted from one

What is the relationship between matter and energy?

Energy and matter are 100% the same thing, but in different forms. In GAMMA RAY BURSTS ( The deaths of supermassive stars (RARE) also called a hypernova), energy is converted

What is the difference between dark matter and dark energy?

The two are quite unrelated. It would be harder to find similarities than differences. More exactly, the two are only related by the fact that (as of 2013) we don't understan

Want is the similarities and differences between transforming energy an a hydroelectric dam and a wind turbine?

Hydroelectric energy is generated by taking advantage of the difference in height of water behind and in front of a dam. This water has potential energy. The water is fed dow
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How are dark matter and dark energy similar?

Mainly in that both are mysterious - not much is known about them. You are right but these two are not similar. Actually they are opposite to each other. dark matter pull the