What are the similarities and differences between matter and energy?

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Energy is associated with power and motion, and matter is associated with everything physical. Both are types of science vocabulary.
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What is the difference between mass and matter?

Mass is the measurement, or quantity of matter as determined from its weight or from Newton's 2nd Law. Matter is the substance or substances that comprise a physical object.

How is matter different from energy?

Philosophically one might think of matter as "frozen" energy, andenergy as "dynamic matter." Most energy escapes in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Hencethe "c" in the equation above, relating matter and energy. Just asmall amount of mass, multiplied by the speed of light squared(which is a LARGE constant) translates into an enormous amount ofenergy. Matter is not frozen solid, it vibrates, like trapped energyyearning to be free. Free neutron half life is around 12 minutes,after which these decay into proton/electron pairs. The massdifference (neutrons are slightly larger than a proton and electroncombined) is imparted to the electron in the form of energy. Thesehigh speed electrons are known as "beta" particles. Carefulobservations of protons in the Super Kamiokande Detector in Japanhave not revealed any instance of proton decay. So it is possiblethis form of matter may be constant, never "thawing" back intoenergy. The smaller the particle, the larger the wave form associated withit. These waves are known as DeBroglie waves. All matter propagates(moves through space) by wave, and energy is associated with thewave. Note: This energy is different from the vibrational energymentioned above, which is released (or reduced) via emission ofinfrared radiation, or long wave electromagnetic radiation known asheat. The less heat atoms or molecules contain, the slower theyvibrate.

What is the fundamental difference between matter and energy?

Answer . Matter- anything that takes up space and has mass. Energy- the capacity to do work. Matter Energy. 1) Matter moves in 1) Energy is one way. a cycle and eventually is turned. into heat. 2) Matter has to 2) Energy doesn't necessarily. physically take have to physically take up space. up space

What is the difference between matter and mass?

Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. Everyone is made up of matter that is constantly experiencing both chemical and physical changes.Mass is the property of the matter.it can be described as amount of matter in things.

What is the difference between Matter and energy?

Matter is anything that takes up space or has volume Energy is the ability to do work

Difference between matter and energy?

Matter is a form of energy. Energy, in classical physics is defined as either work or heat. Einstein gave us a direct correllation between the two with the equation E=mc 2 . Heat energy or the energy stored by doing work can both be converted into matter and vice versa.

What must be different between two pieces of the same kind of matter in the same temperature to have different thermal energy?

If two pieces of the same kind of matter in the same temperaturehave different thermal energy then there is a difference in mass ofthe pieces.

What is the difference between energy and matter?

Energy is the capacity for doing work. Energy exists in various forms including kinetic, potential, thermal, chemical, electrical, and nuclear and can be converted from one form to another. Whereas, matter is the material substance that constitutes the observable universe and, together with energy, forms the basis of all objective phenomena.

What is the difference between weight and matter?

Matter has weight; weight is associated with matter. Matter can be visible; weight is a concept. Matter can change forms (water to ice to steam); weight has no transformation of such kind. A rock is a matter; the weight of a rock changes with altitude on earth and is lighter on Mars or the moon, while the mass of the rock does not change.

What is the difference between similar and congruent?

Congruent means two figures have exactly the same shape and size. If the shape is identical, but not the size , two figures are similar .

What is the relationship between matter and energy?

Energy and matter are 100% the same thing, but in different forms. In GAMMA RAY BURSTS ( The deaths of supermassive stars (RARE) also called a hypernova), energy is converted into matter and antimatter (Atoms with opposite charges of NORMAL matter). When matter and antimatter are fused, both (Antimatter is also a form of matter) are turned into energy. E=mc2 shows us how to find out how much energy something that is matter will turn into if it is transformed into energy. Mass of the matter x the speed of light x the speed of light The E stands for the energy and mc2 stands for mass of the matter x the speed of light x the speed of light. Wierd but true!

What are the similarities and differences between the Summer?

Summer olypmics are events surrounding sports such as swimming, track and field, weightlifting, etc etc. The winter Olympics only have events that are ice and snow related, like skating, hockey, skiiing and other things like snowboarding and such. The winter olypmics are held during the winter time and the summer Olympics are held during the summer. The Olympics are also similar because they bring many countries together and they all participate in many sports. Also gold, silver, and bronze are given out. Also they are both held every four years (or two years after each other).

What is the difference between matter and weight?

I think you might mean "Mass" and "Weight" - and the difference is the effect gravity has on things, and to a certain extent, the density of the item. \n. \nFor example, a pound of feathers and a pound of lead both WEIGH exactly the same (er...one pound, right?) but they have very different MASS.\n. \nAlso a hot-air balloon is rather massive, but does not have a lot of weight, relative to it's size.

How is energy different than matter?

Energy and matter are the same thing, except matter is in a form that you can touch.

Difference between the types of matter?

Matter is made from atoms; so this question changes itself to "What is the difference between types of atoms". That difference lies primarily in the number of protons that exist in the atom's nucleus.

How is matter different than energy?

Matter is the same as energy, just in a different form that you can touch and feel.

What is the difference between dark energy and dark matter and what are the inferred affects of each?

From my studies dark energy creates electrical phtons making a stonger pull to the source than dark matter does. In fact, I think that dark energy can power a car, but sadly it is impossible to harness dark energy. I'll have to do little more research to be sure.

What is the difference between matter and anti-matter?

They are mirror images of the other: protons have a certain weight and are positively charged, anti-protons have the same weight but are negatively charged. Antimatter is just matter with an opposite charge.

What is the difference between substance and matter?

H2O is a matter. This matter can come in the substance of ice,water or steam.

How are matter and energy different?

Einstein showed that matter and energy are equivalent, through the formula E = mc 2 . Thus matter could be regarded as potential energy, but usable energy needs to be released from a suitable sort of matter. In normal chemical actions the release of energy is not large enough relative to the mass of the chemicals (fuels) involved to be noticed, but in nuclear reactions we can equate the energy released to a change in mass of the material involved, and the energy produced per unit mass is very much larger than when burning fossil fuels.

How are matter and energy similar?

Einstein showed that matter and energy are connected through the equation E = mc 2

What is the difference between same and similar?

Same means they are Identical with no differences, similar means they are almost identical but have some minor differences. Same: Touch, look and feel are identical. Example, i have the same brand shoe as yours. Similar: Look the same but different. Example, I wear similar shirt as yours. Here the shirt can be from the same brand or same size or color but if it is the same then it should be one not two.

What is the difference between dark matter and dark energy?

The two are quite unrelated. It would be harder to find similarities than differences. More exactly, the two are only related by the fact that (as of 2013) we don't understand either -- thus the name "dark." Dark matter is the type of matter that exists throughout our Universe, which interacts with baryonic matter (ie, the stuff we understand) only through gravity. This stuff (whatever it happens to be) warps space and prevents galaxies from flying apart as they spin; but does not interact via the electromagnetic force, the strong force, or the weak force. Its mass density in our Universe, as best we can tell, is about six times greater than that of bayronic matter. Dark energy is whatever is causing the space within our Universe to increase the rate of expansion. Gravity SHOULD be slowing down that expansion over billions of years, but SOMETHING is causing the rate to go higher. What is causing this? -- we have no idea!!

Difference between matter and non matter?

in Hebrews 11:3 it says: "By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible." The Definition of matter is: Matter is all stubstances that exist in the universe; such as paper or pencil. Non matter is things you cannot feel, or sense, such as gravity, shadows, etc. =)

What is the difference between matter and element?

matter can be natural or unnatural, but element is natural _____________________________ An "element" is a pure sample in which every atom is the same, rather than a mixture of one or more elements. Iron is an element; every iron atom has 26 protons. "Matter" can refer to any mixture of elements, such as "steel", in which the iron is mixed with carbon, cobalt and manganese, for example. "Matter" may not refer to any particular element or compound.

What is the difference between matter and compound?

matter and a compound dont have that much related to each other, matter is what you can feel and see, like mass, weight....a compound is two or more elements mixed together.

Want is the similarities and differences between transforming energy an a hydroelectric dam and a wind turbine?

Hydroelectric energy is generated by taking advantage of the difference in height of water behind and in front of a dam. This water has potential energy. The water is fed down huge pipes and into large turbines where the water spins the wheels of the turbines which in turn are attached to large electrical generators. The original potential energy of the water has thus been transformed into electrical energy, plus some heat and noise energy. Sun and rain will put the water back to allow the whole process to be repeated indefinitely. Wind turbines, just like windmills, harness the energy of the wind to do something useful. Early windmills were used to grind grain and pump water and many still do today. Modern wind turbines are used to generate renewable energy in the form of electricity.

Difference between congruence and similarity?

Congruence is the two use same size and shape similarity is whe two look the same but not using same size and shape

What is the difference between distance and similarity?

distance is how far somthing is from another thing.. similarity is when two or more things have somthing that onnects them to each other

Difference between matter and mass?

The word matter means a substance of some sort. The word mass means the amount of space a substance takes up.

What are the differences and similarities between matter and energy?

Friction and cohesiveness are the only differences. The matter has stronger potential energy with stronger cohesive forces and the energy has stronger kinetic energy with demonstration as frictional force.

What is the difference between the state of matter?

the difference between the three states of matter is that a solid has a definite shape and volume. a liquid does not have a definite shape but does have a definite volume. gas does not have either.

What is the difference between simile and similar?

A simile is a noun. The word simile means a figure of speech comparing two concepts/words/objects/"things" by using a preposition such as "like." . "The American tourist was like a fish out of water." . "The moon was like a lantern." . "He ran like the wind." . But, you can use different prepositions. . "She was as graceful as a dancer." . "The horse was as black as night." . A simile is not the same as a metaphor. In a metaphor we do not use a preposition and instead "metaphorically" equate one thing with another."The wine dark sea" . "He was a raging bull." . "The desert was an oven." . Similar is an adjective. It is a different part of speech. To say two things are similar is to compare them and find that they have more things in common (similarities) than they have differences. . "This blackberry jam tastes very similar to raspberry jam." . "Hamsters and gerbils look so similar I can barely tell them apart." . This sentence contains both a simile and the word similar. . "The sisters were as similar as two peas in a pod."

Why are there differences and similarities between religions?

Some only worship One God, while others worship numerous deities. Some are open to atheists still belonging to the religion, while others there is no room for atheists as adherents.

Describe the similarities and differences between transforming energy in a hydroelectric dam and a wind turbine?

An obvious answer is that the sources for the energy conversion is that the resources are renewable

What is the Similarities between the three states of matter?

1. They are all made up of microscopic particles. 2. They all have volume and mass.

What are the differences between homology and similarity?

homology is the equality between two sequences that show the same evolutionary pattern and similarity is the likeness between two sequences that may not follow an identical evolutionary relationship.

What is the difference between density and matter?

The difference is that Density is one way of measuring matter, its a math expression. While Matter is a physical substance.

What is the the difference between matter and mass?

matter is what makes up everything. mass is how muck matter in a particular object.

What are the differences between similarities and solution?

Similarities are like something but not the same . Solution is a way of solving a problem

What are the similarities between different religions?

They all believe in a God or gods. They all await a Messiah or Promised Holy figure.

How are dark matter and dark energy similar?

Mainly in that both are mysterious - not much is known about them. You are right but these two are not similar. Actually they are opposite to each other. dark matter pull the body closer while dark matter push them away. Dark matter can't be doing both pulling and pushing as your answer suggested. So there is a mistake in the sentence. What is that. Sorry for my mistake and thanx for suggestion please read second dark matter as dark energy. Infect dark energy push the objects like planet away

What is The difference between similarity and congruence?

similarity and congruence are both different. Congruence is when two shapes are identical; in size and shape whereas similarity is when two shapes look similar but can vary in size.

What are the similarities between different fish?

They have gills, fins, and tails they also swim and have at least 1 color. Also they cannot survive without water.

How does the interaction between matter and energy?

E=mc^2 where E is energy, m is mass and c is the value of the speed of light in a vacuum i.e. 3x10^8 m/s.

What are the similarities and differences between kinetic and potential energy?

They can be measured the same way in Joules (a unit of energy) and clearly they both contain energy.

What is difference between atom and matter?

Matter is everything, Atoms are matter because matter is everything... So the answer to your question is, Nothing

What are 3 similarities between matter and atoms?

All things are made of atoms. Therefore matter is made up of atoms and they are the same.

What is the difference between matter and dark matter?

Matter makes up everything you can see and feel around you. All particles are made of matter (except for antiparticles, these are antimatter). . Dark matter is simply matter which does not 'radiate' (i.e. we can not detect it). Dark matter does not give off light or any other type of electromagnetic radiation at all. Physicists believe that space is made up of a lot of dark matter because we can observe its effects but we can't actually detect dark matter itself. .

What is the difference between the flow of matter and energy through an ecosystem?

Matter - eg Carbon, Water, flows as part of a "cycle", driven bythe flow of energy which is only one way.