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What are the side effects of Graviola?

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Graviola is a small tree which is used to make medicines. It is used to treat infections, herpes, coughs and cancer. Graviola is however extremely unsafe; it has been known to kill nerve cells, and cause movement disorders.
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What is a side effect?

  Answer     A side effect is a symptom that occurs with some medication that is not the purpose of that medication. This could mean that if you take a symptom

How long does it graviola to cure cancer?

There is currently no evidence that graviola can cure cancer in  humans. Many companies that sell it recommend it for curing cancer,  but there are no reputable cancer studi

Can graviola cure cancer?

Graviola is a small tree used to make medicine. It contains many  chemicals that work against cancer but is not proven to cure  cancer.

What are side effects and why do you have them?

Side effects are unwanted conditions that happen when taking certain medications. since everybody's body chemistry is different medications can affect some people in different

What is graviola called in hindi?

Katak. Here both 'a's have the pronounciation as 'o' in 'come'. It grows mainly in South India, size little smaller than Kathal, good for cancer patients. It belongs to th
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What are the therapeutic properties of graviola extract?

Graviola is an evergreen tree, and the extract from the berries, seeds, leaves, and stems has been used to treat various symptoms. Graviola extract can be applied to the skin