What are the rubber wristbands called?

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they are called sillyband and/or crazy bands. which ever one you would like.
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Why rubber band is called solid?

All solids have definite shape, volume and distinct boundaries. A Rubber band too has a definite shape, volume and distinct boundaries. Only when some external force is applie

Why is it called eraser and not rubber?

because a rubber is also known as a condom, and its going to be very awkward when you ask your teacher for one and he pulls out a pack of trojans ;)

How are rubber wristbands made?

Rubber wristbands are made by some substance called silicon or silicone that is placed into a molding space to shape it.

Do rubber wristbands come in various colors?

Yes, rubber wristsbands come in many colors. Each color represents different causes. For example, the yellow wristband has the quote "Livestrong" and represents Lance Armstron

Where can you get custom rubber wristbands?

There are many sites which provide custom rubber wristbands. One of the leading shops who provides a wide variety of wristbands with a wide abundant collection of colors and t

Are rubber wristbands actually made of rubber?

"Rubber wristbands are commonly made from silicone-a durable synthetic resin. Silicone is rubber-like but unlike rubber, valued for being heat-resistant and latex-free."
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What is the average price of a rubber wristband?

There are may rubber wristbands to support different charities now a days. Lance Armstrong made it popular with his Livestrong campaign and the yellow bands. Now a days they
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Where can one purchase a rubber wristband for charity?

There are a number of places where one could purchase a rubber wristband for charity, depending on which charity one wanted to support. The wristbands are commonly offered at