What are the pros and cons of Carrier central air systems vs Lennox central air systems?

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There really is not a whole lot of difference. They are both manufacturers of many brands. Their warranties are about the same. Really with either brand you are mostly paying for the name.
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What would cause the central air system not to cool?

Answer . \nlots of really expensive things but have them check out your thermostat first. they go bad frequently and are probably the least expensive thing to replace. min

Should I replace a central air conditioning system vs repair it?

Answer . Average life expectancy on most central AC units is about 15 years. If it keeps leaking freon, replace it and the lines going to the heat exchanger. Also, be sure

How do you find a leak in a central air system?

there's a few ways to do this.. either you can go buy a leak detector or the cheap way like most of us do it is get a squirt bottle put a dish soap in it and then fill it up w

What is central air conditioning system?

a central air conditioning system contains an indoor unit and outdoor unit. the condenser extracts air from the indoors moves it out and brings cool air through the furnace wh

Could someone supply feedback that has purchased a trane XV95 gas furnace with a XL16i central air conditioning system. about the pros and cons and if they had to change the sizes of their duct work.?

I purchased the XV95 and XL16i with heatpump in early June 2009. So my experience is very limited. The old system's AC had needed a charge for the past 3 years running and thi

What are the basic steps for cleaning a home central air system?

We have a Daikin split type heater/air-conditioner system. These instructions are from the manual with personal procedure used in effecting the cleaning added: 'CLEANING TH

What are the pros and cons of traditional centrally-planned and free market economic systems?

Traditional: Pros: Family support and communal division of resources Cons: No individuality and dependence upon nature Free Market: Pros: Free enterprise and more diversity
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Does Sears sell central air conditioning systems?

Sears does sell Central Air Conditioning Units. Once on the Sears homepage, type "Central Air Units" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up t