What are the primary differences between baseband technology and broadband technology?

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Base-band is a point to point communication
Broadband is a point to multi-point communication.
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What is the difference between physics and technology?

Physics or Science , is interested in extending the knowledge base of various aspects of the natural world and phenomena by systematic study, effective experimentation and aut

Whats the difference between baseband and broadband?

In Baseband , data is sent as digital signals through the media as a single channel that uses the entire bandwidth of the media. Baseband communication is bi-directional, whic

What is the difference between baseband coaxial cable and broadband coaxial cable?

Iam pretty sure that baseband coax was 50 ohm and was used for networking computer, were broadband coax is 75 ohm and used in the cable tv industry. A baseband signal is

What is baseband and broadband?

Baseband is a type of transmission that uses current to send asignal over the wire as digital wave. Broadband uses analog signalto transmit thru different frequencies, which i

What is the difference between baseband and broadband transmission?

BASEBAND is when a signal is in it's native format. For example, voice has a baseband of 20-20000Hz. BROADBAND is typically referring to a case where a signal is modulated out

What is the difference between baseband coaxial and broadband coaxial cable?

\n. \nThe difference between baseband coaxial and broadband coaxial cable is baseband coaxial technology uses digital signaling in which the cable carries only one type of di

What are the differences between broadband and baseband?

Baseband Signalling:. 1)Uses digital signalling. 2)No frequency-division multiplexing. 3). Bi-directional transmission. 4)Signal travels over short distances. Broadband

Difference between baseband and broadband coaxial cable in communication networks?

Baseband coaxial cables are 50 ohm cables used for 'digital transmission'. For 1Km cables the bandwidth is 1-2 Gbps. Longer cables can be used with low data rates or periodic

What is the difference between technology and information technology?

Information technology is a specific type of technology involvingthe processing, storage, and exchange of information. Technology is a very broad field involving the knowledge

Why do you need different technologies to receive broadband?

I am not sure what you mean but I assume your question is directed on why there are so many broadband technologies such as ADSL 3G 4G T1 T3 etc etc. Every unique broadband te