What are the natural Sources of pure water?

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ground water and glaciers
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Is a geyser a natural source of water?

Yes, a geyser is natural. A geyser requires three critical elements in order to form: a water supply, a heat source, and the proper kind of underground water circulation syste

Purify water from a natural source?

There are many natural contaminants out there. Here in Ohio we have issues with naturally occurring arsenic in ground water. The water may be fine, or it may not.

What are various sources of water in nature?

There is only one source of water - precipitation (that's right, rain and snow). You might call melting snow and glaciers a delayed source, since the water is not available un

Differentiate natural water from pure water?

natural water can be found around you..in rivers, streams even underground water while pure water can rarely be found..if the water is pure it can dissolve lots of things

Why does pure water have a natural pH?

Pure water has a natural Ph due to the rate of dissociation to H+and OH- is equal to rate of association to form H2O. Pure water hasno free ions.

Is the water that it found in nature always pure?

Water found in nature is never pure. Because of it's polarity, water naturally attracts most minerals. In order to get pure water, it must be filtered many times to remove all

Does pure water exist naturally?

Water that is in the form of clouds is relatively pure, although it does contain some dissolved pollutants from the air. Probably the purest you could find is old glacial ice