What are the merits and demerits of primary and secondary source of data in statistics?

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Reliable and comprehensive statistics can be very expensive to collect and process. You may not have the authority to force compliance and so your data may have serious gaps. These pitfalls can be avoided if there are suitable secondary statistics that have already been compiled. However, you may not know exactly how the statistics were compiled and processed so may not fully know what they represent. Also, they may not measure exactly what you want or may not be based on the exact target population. These demerits can be overcome by collecting the statistics yourself.

What is primary data and secondary data?

Primary is original (radio broadcast about an important event, newspaper article, book, evidence from the discussed person him/herself, original photo or picture; secondary is

What is a primary source and a secondary source?

A Primary source is information directly from the source. A Secondary source is infomation from other source. A primary source was written or created in the relevant time pe

Merits and demerits of statistics?

MERITS OF STATSTICS Presenting facts in a definite form Simplifying mass of figure- condensation into few significant figures Facilitating comparison Helping in formulati

What is merits and demerits of statistics?

Statistics is important in many ways. For instance, it helps indecision-making, they are easy to analyze, they prove important forbenchmarking purposes and they ensure informa

What is the difference between primary and secondary sources of reading and primary and secondary sources of data?

I've never heard of primary vs. secondary sources of reading , but I can provide an answer on primary vs. secondary sources of data . A secondary source of data is data th

Merit and demerit of primary and secondary data?

PRIMARY DATA MERITS 1. it gives valid information 2. you can observe finer nuances as in the case of interview or observation method 3. as in questionnaire, the anonim

Primary data and secondary data?

primary data is where you get o fact off a computer or from a book secondary data is where you get a fact of someone and it might not be true

What are a primary source and a secondary source?

Answer if this question concerns literature, not electricity. Primary Source : This is your main source, a source that was recorded when the event happened. Secon

What are merits and demerits of median and mode in statistics?

A big advantage of statistical mode is that it is not restricted to numbers alone. For example, among all the letters of the English alphabet, the mode is the letter 'E', whic

What is a secondary source or a primary source?

A secondary source is something that was written after the eventhappened such as a book. A primary source is something that was written during the eventsuch as a newspaper, o