What are the huskies' enemies?

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the Siberian huskies enemies are cats the absolutely ahte cats if they are not brought up with them . .. .
i have a husky and she seen a cat eating her food and she killed it..

they snap their necks and suffoate them ..

its nature ..
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What is the Enemies of husky?

Huskies are not wild. they are a domestic dog breed like a Pomeranian or golden retriever. if they did get loose up north, their enemies would probably be seal, walrus, and po

What are Siberian Huskys enemys?

Siberian huskies are domesticated animals. This means they don'thave any natural enemies. They are prey animals however, and willchase squirrels and rabbits.

Who is the Siberian husky enemy?

In day;s gone by they were in danger from polar bears and some of the larger seals. Now I think that man can be their most dangerous enemy by over breeding genetically inferio

How are the enemies?

Enemies are people who you hate the most like one of my friend is a enemy of mine. Enemies are people that is in your life who bullies you or make fun of you.

What Are Huskies?

huskies are a breed of sled dogs

How do you get husky?

Husky is another term for fat, and you just eat a lot.

Who is the enemy?

The biggest enemy is the sum total of all prejudices within each individual human being.

What can huskies do?

Huskies were bred to pull sleighs across the Antarctic full of goods and people. They can run for up to 14 hours a day in sub-zero temperatures. This is an amazing breed with