What are the functions of the parts in a Bunsen burner?

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Funtions of the Bunsen burner:

air-hole: to control the amount of air let into the Bunsen burner for combustion.

barrel: To allow the flame to beat a suitable height for burning.

base: To support the Bunsen burner so that it will not fall over.

collar: helps to adjust the gas being produced

gas tap: to store gas.

jet: To allow gas to enter the Bunsen Burner ( by helpingppl)

Flame: the one part you don't want to forget
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Give the function of each part of the Bunsen burner?

Bunsen burners consist of six parts. The stand keeps it upright,the gas valve helps control the flow of gas, the gas intake inputsthe gas to be used, the air hole and collar f

Bunsen burner parts and function?

collar for turning to close and open the air hole air hole for allowing oxygen to mix with the gas barrel for the gas to go up gas hose for allowing gas into the Bunsen

Give the functions of the parts of the Bunsen burner?

The gas intake and gas valve control the flow of gas. The air holesand collar allow for control over the oxygen taken, with moreproviding a hotter, more controlled flame. The

Bunsen burner-parts and its function?

A Bunsen burner is used to heat various things in science labs, such as water, asnd other chemicals. It is quite a simple structure, with a rubber tube to supply the gas, a me