What are the functions of a credit officer?

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a Credit Officer will take a loan application, check out your credit, and if you qualify will see to it that your request is granted.
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What is the function of credit?

It allows you to buy things with future money (money you haven't got yet), AND it allows the lender to make money from your impatience. (a LOT of money).

What is the function of office?

CAPACITY BUILDING INITIATIVES The department embarked on intensive capacity building initiatives at the District Assembly and the secretariat level. The following were some of

Who is a credit officer?

credit officer means he is a loan providing officer, most important thing is lot of people's having the most important problem is financial,so everybody needs a financial supp

Functions of credit department in a bank?

The credit department's main function is to lend money. There are several roles and responsibilities that go along with this. . Assessing the potential loss risk of the lo

Functions of the office?

If you visit a firm, school or hospital you will find that a number of activities are being performed, such as letters received, dispatched, typing, photocopying, word process

What are functions of debit and credit cards?

Credit cards are issued to customers of companies who offer linesof credit. The card can be used to make purchases or payments instores and online. Debit cards on the other ha
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Can a loan officer tell you What is on your credit?

Yes, most lenders cannot give you a copy of the report due to licencing legalities however some can. All lenders must disclose your credit bureau information and how it was us