What are the effects of cyberbullying?

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It can cause low self esteem and even cause someone to kill themselves. For example, awhile back these two girls were friends. Then the mom of one of the girls pretended to be a boy on myspace and the other girl liked him. So then one day the mom posing as the boy said some terrible things to her. Then one day they found that the girl hung herself in her closet. It can also cause someone who is always bullied to snap and kill themselves or others.
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What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying Cyber; to mean electronically, by way of virtual computer over the internet or airwaves. Cyberbullying is bullying by texting and emailing people to embarras

How do they cyberbully?

Cyber bullying could be done in many ways. However tips on how to do so aren't going to be found here.

What are the negative effects of cyberbullying?

The most common negative effects of cyberbullying are hurt feelings and depression But cyberbullying can have very dramatic effects as well. Once a girl was being cyberbullied

What are the effects of being cyberbullied?

Victims of cyberbullying may experience many of the same effects as children who are bullied in person, such as a drop in grades, low self-esteem, a change in interests, or de

What is an effect on cyberbullying?

an effect of cyberbullying i s deppressed and when you ask them about it they either dodge the question by chaging the subject of getting moody and stroppy

What are some effects of cyberbullying?

sick people out there cyber bullying... * Undermining your confidence, self esteem and sense of security * Affecting your performance and attendance at school *causing

How does cyberbullying effect a person?

Cyber bullying can effect a person in many ways. It can change their charcter, temper and even physical shape. Cyber bullying and normal bullying make the person who is being

Who can cyberbullying effect?

Absoutly ANYONE not just me and my bro every one not just ssanta every one not just half of people round the would every single person

How does cyberbullying effect the victims?

Victims often suffer from self-esteem, according to research. Additionally, it affects them psychologically and emotionally as they struggle with anger, frustration, and sadn

What can cyberbullying do to you?

It can result in many things; self harm, suicide, running away, and can cause people to lose focus. It's awful but if you stay confident and get a good education, then you can

How does cyberbullying effect the victums?

Cyber bullying effects kids the same way regular bullying does but everyone is different. Other people can deal with being cyber bullied & others let it ruin their lives & may

What are the effects of cyberbullying on the bully and on the victim?

Momentarily, the bully may feel relieved, since that is what they use to release pressure. However, in the long-run, it can fuel their own self-hate and increase their perceiv

Who does the cyberbullying?

Cyber bullying is done by people like you and me. They can be anyone. These kind of people generally have inferiority complex and find internet as a good way to prove themselv