What are the effects of a corporate tax on the WACC of a business?

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to reduce tax and to increase equity in case of bankruptcy

I'm not sure what the above is trying to say. Weighted Average Cost of Capital has nothing to do with bankruptcy. It is a financial calculation to determine what the actual costs of funds is to the entity...whether that be funds raised by selling stock (equity...hence dividends or earnings share...made after Corp tax is paid), bank debts (interest is a tax deductible expense to the company, so the rate needs to consider this benefit...at it's own tax rate, and if it even is making taxable income), bonds (which have different rates and tax effects), preferred stock...(yet different)....sale leaseback (depreciation becomes a factor)...etc. Hence, tax is a component or consideration in determining the actual interest cost of funds for each type of the debt (or capital) of a compnay...all types of which are used to determine the WACC.
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What are the effects of a corporate tax on the Weighted Average Cost of Capital of a business?

Answer . \nOnly when interest paid on debt is allowed to be tax deductible that a corporate tax will help pull the WACC down. This is because we used an after-tax rate for

What portion of the WACC calculation is impacted by the marginal taxes?

The WACC is determined from two separate calculations, one based on the cost of equity and the other on the cost of debt. The 'cost of debt' calculation can take into account

What is a corporate business?

A very large business withnot just one location but with various locations of places in which they are providing services or goods.

As a small business owner should your corporation own your house so as to legally protect it and is the corporation owning it the only way that the business can pay association dues and property tax?

Your business corporation should NOT own your house. Such ownership would give your business creditors access to your home equity. Also keep in mind that you cannot create bus

What business is a corporation?

Mostly Large scale organisations are corporation, another name for corporation can be 'company' it is owned by shareholders and aims to make a profit. Shares in a public compa

Is corporate tax an indirect tax?

Politicians will tell you no, but the corporation only raises its prices to their customers to cover the tax they have to pay.

What corporate tax form for New York State do I use if there was no business performed in 2008?

Form CT-3 is General Business Corporation Franchise Tax Return. Form CT-4 is the short form of Form CT-3. New York requires corporations to keep filing these annual returns,

What is corporate business?

In a corporate business, many people have invested money into stocks within the company and hope to make a return of funds from their investments.
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Is corporate tax direct tax?

Corporate tax is a tax on the profits of corporations ( joint stockcompanies) . This tax can be collected according to a progressivescale of taxation ( for example, in the U.S

When is corporate business travel tax deductible?

It depends on the business traveler's individual circumstances. Company travel policies, localities of travel, IRS travel regulations and procedures, overnight travel vs day t

What would cause corporate business tax revenue to be different from sales tax revenue?

These are completely different types of taxes based on differentthings to compute the taxes. In Corporate business tax revenue youare dealing with income taxes and even that w