What are the easiest types of cactus to grow?

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The easiest types of cactus plants to grow include some of the most interesting cactus family members. For example, the epiphytic rat's tail cactus [Aporocactus spp] is an early spring bloomer, and enjoys life in hanging baskets. The curiosity plant [Cereus hildmannianus v. mostrose] has deformed growing points that serve as conversation pieces indoors. The silver torch cactus [Cleistocactus strausii] has scarlet tubular flowers and silvery spines. The porcupine hedgehog [Echinocereus stramineus] arranges scarlet petals around green stigmas. The yellow peanut cactus [Echinopsis chamaecereus f. lutea] has banana like stems and rare red night flowering blooms. Lacking in chlorophyll, it must be grafted onto a green cactus, to benefit from energizing photosynthetic products. The chin or spider cactus [Gymnocalycium baldianum and Gymnocalycium horstii] has pink funnel shaped flowers and metallic colored growth buds. The rose pincushion cactus [Mammillaria zeilmanniana] brings forth a carmine pink flowery contrast to its purplish black stem. The prickly pear cactus tree [Opuntia neoargentina] has yellow poppy like flowers and a tree like trunk. The golden and silver ball cactus plants [Parodia leninghausii and Parodia scopa] have open faced flowers and a covering of long, respectively golden and silver, soft spines. The holiday cactus [Schlumbergera and Zygocactus spp] has vivid red flowers and leafless, notched stems. The wave or brain cactus [Stenocactus multicostatus] has pale funnel shaped blooms that flower in spring and summer. The glory of Texas [Thelocactus bicolor] has feathery, flat faced summer flowers, and red and yellow spines. The golden column cactus [Weberbauerocereus johnsonii] has golden spines that darken with age. Its tubular flowers are pale pink or white.
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What type of soil makes cactus plants grow?

Cactus plants tolerate a range of soils. But they have two preferences. They favor free draining soils , since their body parts are adapted to moisture deprived environments.

A cactus can grow where there is what?

A desert cactus can grow where the soil is free draining but holds enough moisture to meet cactus needs. It can grow where heat and light levels are high and moisture lev

How do cactus grow?

Plants need water to survive, which is an idea you're probably already pretty familiar with. But a cactus is known for being able to live with very, very little water!. Cactu

Where does a cactus grow?

There are cacti adapted to deserts, grasslands, rainforests and anumber of other biomes.

What type of music makes cactus plants grow?

Further research is always welcome in the area of plant growing by music playing. The general notion is the particular appreciation of a plant for classical music . But consi

What type of cactus is the largest American cactus?

Pachycereus pringlei , also known asMexican Giant Cardon or Elephant Cactus, is a species of cactusthat is native to northwestern Mexico. At 63 feet, it is thetallest cactus

How cactus grow?

Most succulents and cacti grow for only a few months out of every year and for the rest of the time they are resting and have very few needs. With some exceptions a potted cac

Can a saguaro cactus grow in Florida?

A saguaro would probably quickly get root rot and die as the soilin Florida is much too moist for a saguaro to remain healthy. Theyneed a fast draining soil that does not rema

In what state does a cactus grow?

Cacti can be found growing naturally in every state from NorthDakota south through Texas and west to the Pacific ocean.

Can moon cactus grow flowers?

The cactus is not just one organism it's two the the root stalk is triangular shaped and is called a dragon fruit vine and if the ball part from the top of the cactus dies tha

Why does a cactus grow so slow?

Cactus grow very slow because it is saving water for the later time. Cactus grow in the desert, and it merely rains in deserts. So, when it does rain, the cactus takes up as m

How fast does the carol cactus grow?

It says one week on the package , but you should have small sproutswithin two. So far, all of mine seem to be a single species ofcactus. In general cacti are extremely slow gr