What are the eBay and PayPal coupon codes for 2008?

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The codes from eBay and PayPal are not publicly issued in advance. When they are issued, they can generally only be used by the members who receive them because the codes are linked to the email address to which they were sent. This means that if you try to use someone else's coupon, it will in all likelihood be rejected at the checkout. If you try to use a voucher the was issued to someone else and it does fail at the checkout, you will still be obliged to pay for the item that you committed to buy (at the full price). There are sites that offer various discounts, but these are not vouchers issued by either eBay or PayPal.
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Do you have to use PayPal for eBay?

It really depends on what the seller wants. Sometimes he/she will want you to pay with PayPal ONLY. But, maybe they want cash only. Or, they don't care.

Do you have to use PayPal on eBay?

The majority of sellers prefer PayPal when an item is paid for (some will accept no other payment). And it is far easier than having to aska a seller fo a mailing address in o

How can you pay eBay without PayPal?

I think you have to open a PayPal account before you can buy or sell anything on eBay now. I have used PayPal almost from their beginning and never had a problem. They have ma

How do you get coupons on eBay?

You simply create an account, bid on the coupons you want, and hope for the best. Technically it's illegal since may coupons say something like, "void if copied, sold, or tran

Do you need to use PayPal for eBay?

Probably. The majority of sellers require payment through PayPal, though some accept other forms of payment. Read the details in the listing.

Where can one find eBay coupon codes?

One can find eBay coupon codes on the Retail Me Not website. Additional sources for eBay coupons are the websites Coupons, eBay, Good Search and Agryd.
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How can one get eBay coupon code?

One can find many eBay coupon codes on the website 'Retail Me Not'. These coupon codes can also be found on 'Tech Bargains', 'Hotcoupons' and 'Couponyar'.
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Does Paypal insure losses on eBay?

They wont pay if an ex-girlfriend steals your money they call it"Friendly Fraud" and if you can make a claim it can take you or thepolice a year to get your transaction record