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What are the dimensions of a junior Olympic swimming pool?

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Junior Olympic PoolsThe City of Irvine, CA qualifies that a Jr. Olympic pool is (in English dimensions) 75' long (min.), 5' deep, with 7' wide lanes, and an extra 1.5' at the end lanes. I'm still looking for more information to back this up.
A Junior Olympic Pool is 25 meters long. (Half of the Olympic pool that is 50 m)
If you see this definition in United States, it's most likely 25 yards (22.7 m)
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What are the measurements and dimensions of an Olympic-sized swimming pool?

Length -- 164 feet or 50 meters Width -- 84 feet or 25 meters Lanes -- 8 to 10 Lane width -- 8 feet 2 inches or 2.5 meters Depth -- At least 6 feet 7 inches or 2 meter

What are the dimensions of the Sydney Olympic swimming pool?

  Below are the specifications for an Olympic swiming pool these however are not necesarily the exact specs of the Sydney pool.   Length 50 m (164 ft), Width 30 m (98

What are dimensions of competition swimming pool?

There are two different sizes when it comes to competition swimming  pools. There is a short course, and a long course pool. The  dimensions for the short course pool is 25

What are the dimensions of a semi Olympic sized swimming pool?

The competition pools at the Olympics, and other world swimming events, are 50 meters long, but vary in width. Short course competion pools, in yards or meters, are not used