What are the different areas found in front office department their advantages and disadvantages?

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areas found within the department are receptionist, doormen , drivers , bills office
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a department store?

Department stores... one advantage is immediacy. If someone wants something NOW, they will go to a brick-and-mortar store rather than going online, where they would have to wa

Sections of front office department?

There are various sections of the front office department. The mostcommon ones include reception, mail room and telephone switchboard.

Meaning of front office department?

A front office department usually includes the receptionist oroffice manager and administrative assistants. It is the firstencounter most customers or clients have with the bu

Importance of front office department?

The front office department is the first impression clients have ofan office. They need to be friendly, warm and professional. Theyalso perform many important duties such as a

What is the scope of front office department?

The FRONT OFFICE is the nerve\ncenter of a hotel. Members of the front-office staff welcome the guests, carry\ntheir luggage, and help them register, give them their room keys

Sub department of front office?

The major sub department of front office in hotel industry are listed in the 5 categories are :- 1. Resrvation 2. Registeration 3. Concerige 4. Bell service 5. Cashier