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What are the differences between government camps and hoovervilles?

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Hoovervilles were built by the people living in them. They began showing up during the great depression after there wasn't enough space in government housing
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Hoovervilles were set up in Washington D.C. by WWI veterans looking for jobs and veterans benefits.
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What is the difference between a POW camp and a Concentration camp?

A Prisoner of War camp was a place that captured soldiers from the other side were kept. A concentration camp was where civilians that were considered dangerous or undesirable

What is the difference between governance and government?

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Is a hooverville the same as a transient camp?

In the summer of 1932, about 20,000 veterans demonstrated in Washington, DC, to convince Congress to vote to provide their World War I bonus immediately, instead of waiting un

Why did they name the camp hoovervilles?

They named the illegal camp hooverville because they blamed it on president hoover for not believing to help others who had no money

In the Holocaust what was the difference between death camps and labor camps?

Death Camps (or extermination camps) were used for the immediate extermination of Jews and other groups while Concentration camps were used for the Jews and other groups to ma

What is the difference between an concentration camp and extermination camp?

The differences are: . Concentration camps are camps where the inmates stay and perform back breaking labor . Plenty died too and this is where their daily lives occurred

What was the difference between the ''concentration camps'' and the ''extermination camps?

Technically all camps were within the concentration camp system,there were labour camps, transit camps and extermination camps.Concentration camps were generally intended for

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The Japanese internment camps were sort of like special prisons forJapanese-Americans during World War II. The camps weren't verynice, nor was being imprisoned in them, but at