What are the differences between The Outsiders book and movie?

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The movie had a couple differences than the book. Some of the characters did not appear in the movie as much as they did in the book. In the Movie the Socs were from the South instead of the West. Ponyboy doesn't smoke as much in the movie as they said so in the book. In the movie, Dallys and Sodapop's hair were brown instead of blonde. During the movies, they sat on chairs and walked home. In the book, they sat on blankets and drove home in a car. In the book, Ponyboy and Johnny sleep in the lot looking at the stars. In the movie, they slept in the woods looking at the stars. When Ponyboy comes home around 2:00am, Darry slaps him across the face. In the movie, Darry pushes Ponyboy and he falls over a chair. When Dally takes them out to eat, Johnny and Ponyboy gobble their food down. In the movie, Johnny drops his burger. In the movie, When Johnny and Darry are in the hospital, Ponyboy doesn't feel very well.
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What are some differences between 'the outsiders' book and movie?

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johnny killed bob. they ran away to the church fo five days. ponyboy reiceved a letter from Soda. Dally asked for a "cancer stick". the peom (stay gold). Johnny's dieing

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Oh you read the outsiders that is a really exciting book. I'm not exactly sure, but I don't think Randy visited Ponyboy. Another thing is i don't know if they mentioned rain,

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The book was different from the movie because the movie had deleted scenarios from the book. However, in the full version, they did a pretty good job of being faithful to the
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