What are the differences and similarities between poetry and prose?

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poetry is in stanzas prose is in paragraphs, or sentences
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What is the difference between poetry and prose?

The most basic answer might be: Prose is language that has as its primary goal the sharing of information . Poetry has as its primary goal the use of language itself as musi

What is the difference between prose and poetry?

Long story short. The difference is that with PROSE the rhythms varies more thanpoetry. The different beats and rhythms between POETRY and PROSE can easilytell them apart ---

What are the similarities of poetry and prose?

Prose and Poetry are alike and are similar because they are both lanaguages and you write about the same thing. EAMPLE : Say I am writing about softball. I would say for pr

Similarities between prose and poetry?

Similarities? There is no difference, these days. Modern poetry is pure pedestrian prose artificially arranged on a page to resemble verse. Poetry used to be an art form requi

What are the differences between poetry prose and drama?

poetry often has a formal structure or even a cadence while you are reading it... it is a form of writing where the words are usually chosen more carefully and people are effe